"Paintings, tapestries, sculptures, and all works of art, as well as public and functional spaces, should come to life as artists, architects, designers, and craftsmen have created them. This is the principal aim of our unique approach to lighting, which we have pioneered and developed over the last 50 years."

Anthony Juer

About Us


Dr. Anthony Juer formed the company, Anthony Juer Lighting Ltd in 1948. He was Austrian, born in Vienna in 1900. He employed a young electrical engineer Vic Harris to install his wonderful new optical projectors for the illumination of fine art work. Although not related, Dr. Juer always referred to and treated Vic as his son. Clients must have puzzled over this, as Vic was almost a foot taller than “The Doc” as he was affectionately known. His wife known simply as Annie succeeded Dr. Juer and continued to run the company after his death in 1979. When Annie decided to retire she sold the company to the only person with the skills and knowledge to continue, Vic Harris, who purchased the business in 1981. Vic had bought some stock, an old van, but a huge and very valuable client list. He saw straight away that he could not work and run the business alone, so his wife Doreen and eldest son Mark joined him. His younger son Adam joined the family firm soon after. History repeated itself in 1995, when Vic and Doreen retired and sold Anthony Juer Lighting Ltd. to their sons, Mark and Adam.

Over the years each generation has added to the value and quality of service offered. Likewise this focus on quality means that new projectors are far better engineered than those in 1948. The projectors are still cast and engineered in England, before being hand assembled by either Mark or Adam. In this way quality control is constant with each part assembled. Since the man building the equipment will be the same man installing it, there is no room for a “that will do” attitude, or passing any problem to the next in line. New ideas and design innovations have been readily implemented. Ultra violet filters are now fitted as standard. Powder coating has replaced wet paint, and all exposed parts are either stainless steel or plated to maximize life. The ethos has always been to make the projector “Better, not cheaper”. It is a testament to that ideal, that Mark and Adam still maintain projectors fitted by their father before they were born.

Anthony Juer Lighting Ltd count among their clients many great collectors of fine art from around the globe. In the list of names you will find Royalty. Head’s of state. Celebrities. Businessmen and women.  All receive the same polite, confidential and personal service that comes from dealing with a small family run business.  When a client calls they will be greeted by one of the two directors, who between them have over sixty years of experience. Likewise at the point of installation wherever in the world that may be, you will find that same attention to detail and service, by the same two names.

Our Product

Our optical lighting for paintings, tapestries, sculptures and other works of art is highly specialised for the purpose it has to serve and has to be installed by our own trained engineers.

The projector and small silent transformer are normally concealed in the space between the ceiling and the floor above and this is provided generally by the usual arrangements of joists.

Where access into the ceiling through the floorboards of the room above is not possible, alternative arrangements are investigated to suit requirements.

In most cases projector positions are located, approximately, 80cm-120cm (2'6"- 4'0") from the wall on which the pictures or tapestries are placed and facilitate relatively easy access.

Our projector is provided with a universal mounting arrangement and firmly fixed to a joist. Once in place it needs no further attention. Focus and alignment are not disturbed by relamping.

The light is projected at the focal point through a small opening of, approximately, 2cm, (3/4") only, and is protected from direct visibility by a small shield, touched in with the surrounding area. It is confined to the canvas, tapestry or contour by mask which, to ensure exactness, is cut by hand. The light filtered through our lens system is of a neutral quality and renders colour values as true as possible, also filtering out 99.8% of harmful u/v rays to protect all works of art.

The lamp we use in our projectors are usually either 50watt or 100watt and now carry a manufacturer's guarantee of 2000 hours.

The installation of our projectors is a skilled operation but relamping can be attended to locally by anyone to whom it has been shown.

All our optical units are designed by us and manufactured in England.


Technical Information

Approximate dimensions of our projectors:

  • Length: 18cm - 25 cm ( 7"-10" )
    Back to front, depending on the lens employed. We have 20 different optical lenses to answer all requirements.
  • Width: 15cm ( 6") approx.
  • Height: 15cm ( 6") approx.

Approximate space required for installations:

  • Minimum depth in ceiling space: 20cm - 25cm (8"-10")
  • Minimum space between joists: 20cm ( 8" )
  • Minimum trap size: 30cm x 30cm ( 12" x 12" )

Power Requirements

  • Size of our transformer :12cm cube ( 5" cube) approx. Wire Wound 15cm x 3.5cm x 3.5cm approx Mode electronic
  • Mains supply required: 230/240 Volt AC.
    Where the voltage is different, special transformers are provided.
  • Lamp type : 12v 100w or 50w T/H
    Can be changed by local electrician once demonstrated
  • Wiring: Provision of a 2-Ampre 3-pin socket with plug, or similar, is required in the space adjacent to our projector location (normally 1 metre away from artwork to be lit) and switch controlled in the appropriate room.


  • Clean lenses every two years (or as required) to be done by A.J.L. engineers

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