Concealed optical framing projectors

Founded in 1948, Anthony Juer Lighting Ltd design and manufacture optical projectors for the illumination of fine artwork in private and public buildings all over the world. Our ethos over the years has always been to make our projectors “better, not cheaper” and the fact that we still maintain projectors that were installed over 70 years ago is testament to this.

Perfected over four decades, our advanced concealed optical lighting systems incorporate the latest technology. Over the years we have continually evolved our services and products with the focus on delivering projectors that lead the way in both innovation and performance. Our products are still cast and engineered in England, before being hand assembled. The result, a framing projector designed to last several generations.

Since 1948 our projectors have come a long way thanks to advancements in technology and innovations in design and they continue to lead the way when it comes to neutral illumination of sculptures, paintings, tapestries and other works of art. Our clients include royalty, heads of state and celebrities, as well as art collectors from all over the world.

Framing projector features

Our concealed optical framing projectors are completely unique and offer a level of illumination that you simply can’t get anywhere else. The key features of our projectors include:

  • Hidden lighting source
  • Even balance of lighting
  • Minimise glare and reflection
  • UV neutral lighting

Our projectors are normally installed in ceiling voids and are mounted to joists and once fitted minimal maintenance is needed. The light is projected through a small hole made in the ceiling and is concealed by a small shield which is coloured to match the surrounding area. The projector is powered by a small and silent running transformer which is also concealed in the ceiling void.

Want to find out more?

To find out more about our bespoke framing projectors get in touch with Mark or Adam Harris on 0208 848 4761.