Optical Framing Projector

Our optical framing projector is the best solution on the market for illuminating valuable artwork. Hidden in the ceiling it provides a concealed neutral lighting source which pinpoints and focuses the light exactly where it is needed and nowhere else. This means that your artwork will be beautifully lit for maximum enjoyment.

Using a small silent transformer our optical framing projectors can be mounted in most ceiling voids with the framing projector being fixed to the joists. Once the projector has been fitted by our engineers it requires very little ongoing maintenance and provides hassle-free lighting for your artwork.

Some of the benefits of choosing Anthony Juer Lighting for your artwork illumination include:  

  • Hidden light-source
  • Even and natural light balance
  • Optical precision and flexibility
  • Minimal glare and reflection
  • UV light filtering
  • Dimmable light source
  • Personal service worldwide

Using specially created lenses and a hand-cut mask we can ensure that light is directed exactly where you want it with the surrounding area left unlit. Hidden in the ceiling void the light is projected through a small 2cm (3/4”) opening which is hidden by a small shield that is colour matched to the surrounding area.

Access panel

To help ensure that our framing projectors are easy to maintain we have designed and created our own bespoke access panel system which provides simple access for re-lamping and maintenance. The access panel has a circular metal outer ring and a choice of a blank centre panel or one with a hole for fitting a down lighter.

Our standard circular access panel has a diameter of 175mm and we also offer a square access panel with a width of 175mm, both have a plate that is approximately 1.5mm thick. If you need a larger access panel just let us know and we’ll be happy to make something to suit your requirements.


There are extensive applications for our projector lighting solution and we are happy to work with clients, architects, designers and builders to provide a personal and individualised framing projector lighting service. Whether you need one projector or a more complex solution, we’ve got the skills to create lighting that really showcases your artwork and objects of interest.

Want to find out more?

To find out more about our bespoke framing projectors get in touch with Mark or Adam Harris on 0208 848 4761.